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Pool Table Moving, Repair and Service

Our Pool Table Moving Service covers Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington DCDepending on location there may be a mileage charge. Please call our store for pricing.  
We can disassemble your pool table, move it to a second address, and assemble the table while leveling it within a dollar bill’s thickness or 5/1000th of an inch. We take excellent care of the tables that we transport. We pay close attention to make sure the finish doesn't get scratched and wrap the pieces with cloth when necessary. There may be an upcharge depending on the make and model of your table also. Please have that information when setting up your appointment.  

The following price chart is an estimate.  There are factors such as location, distance, job requirements, emergency services, etc that could add on to the final price.  Please call us to schedule and get a quote.

Call to schedule: (703) 349-1965

Pool Table Moving Service price*:
7ft/8ft- Breakdown, Move, & Set-Up $350.00
9ft- Breakdown, Move, & Set-Up $425.00
7ft/8ft- Breakdown ONLY $150.00
9ft- Breakdown ONLY $255.00
7ft/8ft- Set-Up Used Table $240.00
9ft- Set-Up Used Table $315.00
7ft/8ft- Breakdown and Move (No Set-Up) $255.00
9ft- Breakdown and Move (No Set-Up) $330.00
7ft/8ft- Move and Set-Up $280.00
9ft- Move and Set-Up $355.00
7ft/8ft- *Special*Refelt w/Inv. Felt ($395+tax) $418.70
9ft- Refelt w/Inv. Felt ($499 + tax) $528.94
7ft/8ft- BMS & Refelt w/Inv. Felt $558.56
9ft- BMS & Refelt w/ Inv. Felt $643.10
7ft/8ft- Refelt w/Customer's Own Felt $350.00
9ft- Refelt w/ Customer's Own Felt $425.00
New Table Set-Up (Any Size--3PC Slates Only) $350.00
Crate Slate w/ Breakdown $650.00
Each Flight of Steps $30.00
Re-Level Only $240.00
Bumpers (Labor + Materials) $485.00
7ft/8ft- Invitational Felt ($126 + Tax) $133.56
9ft- Invitational Felt ($135 + Tax) $143.10
Simonis ($395 + Tax) $419.00
Storage (Minimum/Per Month) $50.00
Set-Up New Table that's NOT Ours $350.00
If Felt is NOT on Rails $75.00

Please call us at (703) 349-1965 to schedule service, send us email at or use your Credit Card below and we will call within 24 hours to set up a appointment. All pricing for 3 piece slate with drop pockets. Ball return tables add $75.

*Above charges are for single service and visit.

*Premium felt upcharge applies. Listed price is for basic felt.

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7ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

7ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

Price: $350.00

8ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

8ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

Price: $350.00

9ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

9ft Pool Table Move, Break-down, move and set-up

Price: $425.00

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